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Louisville Women Fall To Kentucky, 75-66

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

In what has become the worst holiday tradition in Louisville, the U of L women's basketball team squandered a huge lead against rival Kentucky and fell to the 13th-ranked Wildcats, 75-66.

The Cardinals led by as many as 16 in the game and carried a 42-29 advantage into halftime, but Louisville struggled with Kentucky's pressure in the second half, making just six field goals and finishing with a season-high 28 turnovers. This was the third straight game in the series where U of L has lost a game to UK which it led by at least 14 points, and the fourth straight victory for the Wildcats in the series overall.

Recent history has shown that losing to Kentucky hasn't had much of a negative affect on Louisville in the grand scheme of things, but you know that group of seniors really wanted this one.

The 8-1 Cardinals will take this week off while the players focus on finals, and will return to the court for a home game against Old Dominion on Monday, Dec. 15.