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Louisville 21st In Final College Football Playoff Rankings

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But the bigger news is how the new rankings have changed Louisville's likely bowl destination.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville will carry a No. 21 ranking into its bowl game later this month thanks to the final installment of the College Football Playoff Rankings.

The bigger story here for the Cards is that the rankings somehow moved Mississippi State ahead of Michigan State (despite the fact that neither team played this weekend), a shift which sends the Bulldogs to the Orange Bowl and costs the ACC its Citrus Bowl bid. The result of that is that the Russell Athletic Bowl will now almost certainly select Clemson, leaving Louisville to more than likely wind up in the Music City Bowl.

Again, we'll know everything for certain here shortly, but an easily manageable trip to a game against an SEC opponent (LSU?) on Dec. 30 wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Here are your final rankings:

College Football Playoff Rankings
1 Alabama 12-1
2 Oregon 12-1
3 Florida State 13-0
4 Ohio State 12-1
5 Baylor 11-1
6 TCU 11-1
7 Mississippi State 10-2
8 Michigan State 10-2
9 Ole Miss 9-3
10 Arizona 10-3
11 Kansas State 9-3
12 Georgia Tech 10-3
13 Georgia 9-3
14 UCLA 9-3
15 Arizona State 9-3
16 Missouri 10-3
17 Clemson 9-3
18 Wisconsin 10-3
19 Auburn 8-4
20 Boise State 11-2
21 Louisville 9-3
22 Utah 8-4
23 LSU 8-4
24 USC 8-4
25 Minnesota 8-4