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Rick Pitino Talks Post-FIU

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--We did some good things tonight, but the thing that's keeping this team from being very good is turnovers. And it's coming from our best players. We're doing a lot of things well, but that's keeping us from going from good to great. We're not passing the ball well enough. This team is nowhere near the last three years because of their turnovers, and now that's what we have to work on.

--These guys like to score more than past teams we have. Other teams liked to pass more. This team hunts points, and that's why they don't look as good as the last three years. And it's the older guys doing that too.

--We gave up 10 points on out-of-bounds plays tonight. We think Indiana is a lot better than you guys do, so we spent an extra day of prep and sacrificed one day of prep on this game, and it showed on those plays.

--The big guys did a good job of passing, except Montrezl and Nanu tried to throw it to one another instead of kicking it back out for easy shots.

--I gave a BS excuse on the radio before the game, but Terry didn't start because he missed a class. We have a rule that says if you miss a class, and don't call ahead of time, you don't start.

--It was Anton Gill's birthday and I thought he played very well, but he needs to do everything better besides shooting if he wants to play meaningful minutes.

--All those freshmen are going to be good, but they're just not ready made players like next year's class will be.

--Jaylen Johnson knows he's not going to play too much this year because Montrezl Harrell kicks his ass pretty good every day in practice. All those freshmen are going to be good, it's just not going to happen this year.

--I haven't seen Indiana yet, but I'll start studying them tonight. I know they shoot the ball great and they're a much better passing team than us. They shoot a lot of threes and they shoot it well, so we've really got to extend our defense and do a better job defending than we did tonight. It'll be a hell of a game. I'm hoping we can get a contingent of fans up there because they have a loyal fan base in New York of IU alumni.

--It's always good to get back to the Garden. We don't have any more Northeasterners on our team anymore, so I don't know if Anas or Matz will be particularly impressed.

--Anas and Matz are both terrific young. Matz gets way too down on himself when he makes a mistake. He looked like he wanted to stick his head in the sand after he lost the ball there at the end. He just needs to learn that as long as he plays hard, it's okay.