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Georgia Defenders Don't Seem To Know Much About Louisville's Quarterbacks

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

While much of the talk in the days leading up to the Belk Bowl has surrounded who is going to start at quarterback for Louisville -- true freshman Reggie Bonnafon or redshirt freshman Kyle Bolin -- the question hasn't seemed to weigh much on the minds of Georgia's top defenders.

That's because they don't seem to know who either of those players are.

Reggie Bonnafon or Kyle Bolin?

"Who?" asked Georgia linebacker Kostas Vavlas.

Reg-gie Bonn-a-FON or Kyle BO-lin?

"I need some help here," Vavlas said.


Bolin or Bonnafon?

"I don't know," Herrera said.

You don't know which QB will start or you don't know what I'm talking about?

"I don't know who they are," Herrera said.

They are Bobby Petrino's two choices at quarterback as Petrino persists in not announcing which guy will start against the Bulldogs.

"Oh," Herrera said.

I kept trying to move the pile. Both coaches should be proud of me for making a third effort, taking the question to Damian Swann, Georgia's ace cornerback.

Bonnafon or Bolin?

"Huh?" Swann said.

The two Louisville quarterbacks? Bonnafon, the freshman, or Bolin, the redshirt freshman?

"I don't know," Swann said. "That's something for their coach to decide."

To be fair, the defenders know who the players are -- they've seen both on film -- they just don't recognize either player's name.

So which one are they more fearful of? "The one that runs," apparently.

All I can add to the discussion is this: The three Georgia defensive players that I interviewed said Bonnafon was more dangerous than Bolin.

Actually, that is not true. What they said was the Number 7 (Bonnafon) was more dangerous than Number 14 (Bolin). That is the way they identify the two Louisville quarterbacks, by their numbers.

"Definitely, Number Seven," Herrera said. "You know one can run the ball more than the other so the one who is the most mobile, he can hurt you more. He can make plays with his legs or his arm.

"It's always more dangerous to have a scrambling quarterback. We watched all of them."

Here's hoping the Georgia D knows a little bit more about the Cardinal signal callers in about 30 hours or so.