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The World Still Isn't Ready For Teddy Bridgewater

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports


Many years from now, when Teddy Bridgewater is a Super Bowl Champion and NFL MVP the narrative will change and the naysayers will beg for revisionist history. Teddy Two Gloves will be a national icon and inspiration, and children everywhere will beg their parents for skinny knees and small hands. In a time where the NFL needs a new class of role model and our society begs for a symbol of unification, the NFL and national media should be, and should have been, all aboard the Bridgewater bandwagon.

I am not claiming Teddy is already on the level of Brady, Manning, or Rodgers, but an argument could be made that those first ballot hall of fame quarterbacks would struggle mightily to get this Vikings team into the playoffs. The special teams are borderline incompetent and have cost Minnesota back to back victories. The offensive line has been one of the worst in the league, giving up 48 sacks and allowing the quarterback to be hit 92 times. The best running back in the league hasn't played a down all season, and their number two running back is on injured reserve. The receiving core is average at best, and it appears the goal will be upgrading that department during the offseason.

The deck has been stacked against Teddy all season, and against all odds Bridgewater has continued his very impressive improvement. Teddy has now completed at least 70% of his passes in four straight games, the first rookie to ever do so, and a stat unmatched by Rivers, Romo, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, Brady, Roethlisberger, Luck, and Manning. His outing against the Dolphins was perhaps his best of the year, and the one interception was 100% due to his running back not handling a ball that hit him between the numbers. The touch on his over the shoulder fades was miraculous and he even delivered a few flawless bullets over the middle. Teddy also showed great poise by leading his team on a 15-0 run to retake the lead late in the fourth quarter.

Bridgewater continues to showcase why he was undoubtedly the best quarterback in his draft class, and will be a franchise play caller throughout the next decade. A few of the national pundits are beginning to take notice, but many of them are still too busy trying remove both of their feet from their mouths while simultaneously getting their heads out of their asses.

The Teddy smear campaign that was force fed down our throats for months was a travesty, but a perfect example of why Teddy is the new face of Vikings and should be the future face of the NFL. While the Manziel apologists scramble to make every excuse for their media hero, Teddy goes about his business while carrying a franchise. Teddy doesn't draw attention to himself, he doesn't ask for apologies, he simply smiles and exudes a level of humility unseen in professional sports.

Teddy is a great player and even greater role model. He takes care of his family, he worships his mom, he sticks up for his teammates and shoulders responsibility, Teddy doesn't showboat or showoff, he doesn't blame anyone but himself for his mistakes, and best of all, Teddy is just a good person.

In period where the NFL is struggling to redefine its image, they seem to think that creating awkward "No More" commercials will make viewers and sponsors feel better about Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, and Roger Goodell. Their answer is a purple clad kid from Miami that deserves all the attention while asking for none.

Teddy is the answer for the NFL, and will be for years to come, but our country as a whole could benefit from his leadership as well. Race division seems to be widening and a culture of hate and blame is threatening to engulf the United States. People of all colors and backgrounds could learn a lesson from Bridgewater. Take care of your family, work tirelessly to meet your goals, treat people with respect, thank people who afford you opportunities, remain humble, and smile.

It is easy to be a Bridgewater fan, and the old phrase "kill em with kindness" has never been exemplified better than the way Teddy does it. Teddy Bridgewater's play is beginning to catch up with his character, and when Minnesota assembles the necessary parts around their franchise quarterback the NFL could witness a new Vikings dynasty. Louisville was ready for Teddy from the moment he visited campus as a heralded recruit, and after three quick years he became one of the most beloved athletes in the school's history. The media and NFL tried to downplay his ability and ignore his accomplishments, but as we generally witness, good things happen to good people. The era of Bridgewater is beginning and America is finally ready for Teddy.