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A Few Updates On The Card Chronicle Belk Bowl Fundraiser

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You can read our original post on this movement here, but we've also got a few updates to pass along.

1. Because of the insane amount of donations we've already received (we are about to crack the $12,000 $14,000 mark as I write this), we're going to be able to at least double the number of kids we had originally planned to send. The logistics of all that is being worked out now.

2. The Belk Bowl people have been awesome enough to work it out to where the kids are not going to be seated in an upper level corner somewhere. Instead, they're going to have lower level seats in the section next to the U of L band.

3. The fine folks at Access Services Group have offered to donate 100 "Go Cards" shirts for the kids to have and wear at the game, which is going to be wonderful.

4. If you haven't seen the C-J story from Adam Himmelsbach on our fundraising effort, you can check it out here.

5. We still have two days left to raise money for this effort. You can donate here.

Happy Friday, all.