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A Cardinal Christmas Wish List

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Need some last-minute gifts for the Cardinal fan in your life? Good news, we've scoured the internet for the best Louisville gift ideas money can buy and arrived at ten can't-miss prospects.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, and with all of that wonderfulness comes the need to buy gifts for people you love. Sometimes, you just need a gift for a Christmas party, so you don't even really need to love/know the person you're buying for. Because of this dynamic, buying gifts can be hard. In an effort to help you keep your sanity just one week ahead of Christmas Eve, below is an attempt to take some of that pressure off of you and spread some Louisville cheer this holiday season.

A little while ago, SB Nation put together a wonderful holiday gift guide, and that inspired this list. Sure, this one won't be as fancily designed and is a bit shorter, but it's the thought that counts when the holidays roll around. Here are ten unique, surefire ideas that will make the Louisville fan in your life say "Go Cards!" this Christmas.

1. Belk Bowl Tickets (, Prices vary)

Belk Bowl

Surprise, (insert significant other here)! We're going on a road trip to Charlotte in less than a week! Does this sound like something you can envision telling your loved one this Christmas? If so, this idea is for you. Head to the Belk Bowl, watch a free Miranda Lambert concert and cheer the Cards to victory over Georgia.

If you're looking for unique ways to be charitable this holiday season, the folks of the Card Chronicle community and beyond have already done a phenomenal job of donating money to send some deserving Charlotte-area kids to the Belk Bowl to cheer on Louisville with us. Head here to check out what Card Chronicle has already accomplished and see how you can help send as many kids as possible to the Belk Bowl.

2. Louisville Cardinals USB Wireless Keyboard (Fanatics, $58.46)

Card Keyboard 2

If the one you're shopping for is always complaining about work or being at a boring desk job, spice that boring desk up with this USB Wireless Keyboard. It's super compatible and even comes with two AAA batteries. Wow, what a deal. Other significant features include low-profile keys for "comfy typing", "imported" and "screen print graphics". Why haven't you already bought this stylish producer of words for that workaholic in your life?

3. Louisville Cardinals Duct Tape (, $8.95)

Card Duct

Everyone needs duct tape at some point, so why not duct tape in style with Louisville duct tape? It adheres to any smooth surface, comes in the convenient measurement of 1.88" x 10 yds and is officially licensed. Back in the mid 2000's, kids even used stylish duct tape to make wallets for all of the money they couldn't yet legally earn. Who knows if your pre-teen may need a cool duct tape wallet? What duct tape is cooler than this? Consider your stockings stuffed.

4. Louisville Cardinals Reflect Throw Blanket (FansEdge, $31.46)

Card Throw

Have you ever looked at your loved one sitting next to you right after a terrifyingly thunderous Montrezl Harrell slam and said, "Gee, honey, you look a little chilly sitting there on the couch without a comfy reflect throw blanket"? Well, FansEdge has you covered (literally and figuratively) with this huge Louisville throw blanket. It's even on sale right now, so hurry over and get one and never worry about setting the thermostat again.

5. Louisville Flask (JD Becker, $29.99)

Card Flask

Lots of Louisville fans already have one of these, and there's no need to explain why they're helpful. But look at the hand-painted pewter emblem on this one. It's as much a work of art as the fine spirits that this thing will one day hold. JD Becker does specify, however, that beverages are unfortunately not included with your purchase. Liquor Barn would like to let you know that they can help you with that issue.

6. Luke Hancock MOP-Inscribed autographed picture (, $49.95)

Luke Auto

Whether your gift recipient has just always had a crush on Luke Hancock or has just always had a man crush on Luke Hancock, you can't go wrong with this one. He's an MOP, there's an awesome autographed picture of him after the National Championship game and it can all be yours for a bargain. Who wouldn't want this for Christmas?

7. Louisville Divot Tool (Cardinalville, $7.99)

Card Divot

We're back to the stocking stuffers for a moment. Look, everyone makes divots. Some do it on purpose with Titleist Pro V1's as they're attacking at tough pin on a par three. Others do it by swinging hard in anger and accidentally nicking the green after three-putting a par three.

This sleek and fashionable divot tool is perfect for any golfer, regardless of which kinds of divots they need to fix. It even comes with a neat double-sided ball marker so you can brag about your shot of the day in style. There's always at least one that keeps you coming back for more.

8. Louisville Cardinals Large Stadium Pet Bed (Fanatics, $71.96)

Card Bed 2

Most of us have a furry friend that we want to be comfortable when they lay their head down at night, but now there's a pet bed that might just make humans jealous. That's right, it's a Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium pet bed. This thing is machine washable, has high-quality dense foam for support and measures about 26"x36". Any pet would be lucky to call this pet bed home.

9. Louisville Cardinals Infant Pacifier (JD Becker, $5.99)

Card Pacifier

Ever been sitting in a restaurant and thought, "Man, this baby in this restaurant is crying really loud. I wish there was a way I could politely get it to stop crying and support my Louisville Cardinals simultaneously"? Your friend that needs a cheap Christmas gift probably has too, and you've come to the right place.

These pacifiers are BFA free and are the perfect way to say "Go Cards" while getting the crying baby to say less during your night out. You even get a second one in case you like to eat at places like Applebee's where there's bound to be more than one crying baby. Also, if someone you know has a baby and just needs a pacifier or two, this is the gift for them.

10. Louisville Vintage Football Figurine (, $14.95)

Card Figurine

Vintage is always in style, so why not spruce up any living space with this li'l guy? He's made of resin, he's happy and he loves Louisville, so make a little room next to Russ on the Shelf for this cool bobblehead. Everyone needs one more quirky Louisville item to put on a shelf somewhere in their home.

If none of the above feel like the right fit for the person you're shopping for, they're either kind of boring or just want some cool Louisville gear, for goodness' sake. In either case, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and more are always more than welcome for anyone who is a Louisville fan.

One of the most important parts of being a fan is owning an unhealthy amount of clothing that allows you to show your allegiance for weeks on end without ever wearing the same thing. All of the fine retailers mentioned above and more can take care of you there.

Merry Christmas.