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Hey Louisville, Let's Send Some Deserving Kids To The Belk Bowl

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UPDATE: In less than a day, we have raised over $6,500, shattering our original goal of $2,000. You guys are unreal. Now let's keep it going and try to send as many kids as possible to this game.

As the holiday begins to envelop all of us, it's hard not to look back and feel so fortunate that we were all able to experience yet another year of Louisville sports which was loaded with so much fun and excitement. Now, with both the calendar year and the 2014 Cardinal football season about to come to a close, it feels like the perfect time to give a little something back.

Inspired by both this spirit and the efforts of TNIAAM's Sean Keeley last year, Card Chronicle has teamed up with the YMCA of Greater Charlotte to try and send some extremely deserving children from Charlotte's west corridor to the Belk Bowl so they can cheer on the Cards on Dec. 30.

For those of you who can't make it down to Charlotte for the big game, this is a wonderful opportunity to send someone deserving in your place. For those of you who can, it's just a wonderful opportunity.

The answers to your questions are below...

Who exactly are we sending to the Belk Bowl?

Children from Charlotte's west corridor who are involved with the YMCA of Greater Charlotte and their parents or chaperones.

I'll let YMCA operations director Joyce Tompkins tell you more:

"December 30th is a full day option for our families who need care for their children during Winter Break and we look for field trip opportunities on those days. Many of the families that we serve come from single-parent (female headed) households, and although they do work, they are not always afforded the opportunity to include additional outings such as this with their children. We have been working really closely with our families to enforce good academic behavior and positive social skills thus far in the school year and attending the Belk Bowl would be a great reward for those youth who have demonstrated achievement in those areas!"

How much money do we need to raise?

My initial goal is to raise $2,000 (Update: did that, we are now shooting for $10,000), which will be enough to cover the cost of a ticket and a food and drink voucher for 25 children and their parents or chaperones (50 people in all). The folks at the Belk Bowl have been tremendous in setting aside tickets in a section together and making the food and drink vouchers happen.

What if we raise more money?

It's pretty simple: the more money we raise, the more kids and families we're going to be able to send to the game. I will post daily campaign updates on the site between now and Dec. 26, when the fundraising effort will end.

What if we don't raise the money?

If we don't reach our initial goal of $2,000, then the money that has been raised will still be used to send as many kids to the game as possible.

What if there is money left over?

In the hopeful case that we come to the end of our campaign and are fortunate enough to have extra funds, we will come together as a community and decide which local cause to donate the money to.

Please, please, please know that every single cent donated to this campaign will be used for charity.

Am I Donating To A Registered 501(c)(3) Organization?

Unfortunately not, because we are not officially registered. We are essentially proxying the money as tickets to registered nonprofits, but the account the money goes to initially is not a nonprofit itself. So just know that your donation is probably not tax deductible. It's not ideal, but it was the only way possible to organize this effort.

Will the kids and their families count towards Louisville's ticket allotment?

Yup. If you spent too much money making trips to Clemson or South Bend (or both) happen, this is the perfect way to still play a part in making your postseason presence in Charlotte felt.

How much should I give?

If you don't have the means to donate, then please, don't think twice about it. If you do, then any amount you are able to spare will be incredibly appreciated.

Okay enough, how do I donate?

Through our Go Fund Me Paige, which is right here. Again, I will be updating the page consistently as well as providing updates on Card Chronicle for the next 10 days.

Thanks so much to the Belk Bowl officials for being so helpful in making this happen, and an even bigger advance thank you to all those who choose to take part. You guys are the best.

Happy holidays to all of you and to all of your loved ones.