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Tuesday Evening Cardinal News And Notes

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The CCBM submissions starting get a bit more professional around the holidays.

I_medium For the seventh day of our 12 days of Christmas at the Galt House special, we invite you to visit Santa Claus at the Galt House. He's there every day, and is free to visit with and have your picture taken with. The line is also way shorter than any other Santa line in the city.

I_medium Your full transcript from Bobby Petrino's segment at this afternoon's press conference.

I_medium Petrino says he hasn't yet made a decision (or even started thinking about it) on who his starting quarterback will be in the Belk Bowl. That said, Reggie Bonnafon is listed at No. 1 in U of L's media guide for the game, which has consistently meant very little this season.

I_medium I've been a little bit surprised by just how confident many national experts have been that Louisville will lose to Georgia in the Belk Bowl. I suppose we can add computer formulas into that mix as well.

I_medium Louisville jumps Virginia in this week's ACC power rankings from SB Nation's ACC bloggers.

I_medium According to Matt Miller, DeVante Parker has declined an invitation to the Senior Bowl in order to spend that time focusing on the draft combine and his pro day.

I_medium Louisville is headed to Bowling Green to face Western Kentucky on Saturday, but the Hilltoppers have to keep their focus on Wednesday night's game against Chicago State first.

I_medium If you missed it, Eric Wood absolutely laid out Clay Matthews on Sunday.

I_medium Cov Cath's student section is pretty awesome.

I_medium If you're an Atlanta resident who's looking to get fired up on the night before the big game, they will be showing Red V. Blue at the Midtown Art Cinema on Monroe Street at midnight on the evening of Dec. 26 (or the morning of Dec. 27 if we're getting specific).

I_medium History.

I_medium The U of L women's team got back to its winning ways to a 100-46 rout of Old Dominion Monday night, but the bigger story was probably the coaching staff's sweater game.

I_medium At what point did it become next-to-impossible for a new Christmas song to crack into a standard radio stations annual rotation? Like 1996? Because I feel like pretty much anything that was put out in the '80s slipped right past any sort of vetting process. Why else am I still hearing The Eurythmics on 106.9 every year? There's no other explanation.

Anyway, here's my annual list of the five Christmas songs I hate most this year.

1. "Christmas Shoes"

Claiming the top spot for about the 15th year in a row. I think radio stations are finally getting the message that the bulk of America can't stand this POS any more than they can, as it's been getting gradually less air time for the past two or three years.

2. "Twelve Days of Christmas"

Any song that has the same line sung 12 times is annoying. Not even lovable cartoon character renditions can make this tolerable.

3. "Little Drummer Boy"

I'm sorry, I fell asleep seven seconds in and woke up three hours later in what sounds like the exact same place in the song.

4. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Because who the f--k tells scary ghost stories at Christmas?

5. "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

You wake up in the middle of the night to find your mother stepping out on your dad with an international celebrity, and you think it's hilarious? Pretty sure "if daddy had only seen" this, there wouldn't have been any laughing involved. You'll be penning a song about your broken family next Christmas, kid. Of course it'll probably be a decade-spanning hit, because apparently Americans loves to be reminded of their holiday-induced depression via song.

I_medium JuCo wide receiver Paul Harris will sign with Louisville on Wednesday, and says he can't wait to get on campus.

He was drawn to U of L by the family atmosphere around Petrino's staff, including several assistants who have worked with the head coach for years. Offensive line coach Chris Klenakis was his lead recruiter.

He also had offers from Indiana, East Carolina and Nebraska and thinks he could have accumulated many more had he not committed early, then missed this season.

"But I'm going to Louisville, so I don't care," he said.

The idea of playing for Petrino was attractive.

"They say he's like the Nick Saban of offense," Harris said. "He's a guru of offense. ... I don't know who else you'd rather play for."

I_medium Interesting fact via Western Kentucky SID Michael Schroeder, No. 4 Louisville will be the highest-ranked team to come to E.A. Diddle Arena since No. 2 Georgetown on Dec. 4, 1982.

I_medium The fact that a group of assumedly educated people could get together and all agree that it'd be a good idea to launch this campaign...

...leaves me kind of amazed that human beings have ever been able to achieve anything of note.

I_medium DaMarcus Smith is taking one last shot at college glory and has committed to North Texas.

I_medium I filled in for Mark Blankenbaker in this week's The Crunch Zone podcast, and gave my answer when it comes to a Sophie's Choice decision between Lorenzo Mauldin and David Levitch.

I_medium If you missed it earlier, we are now taking nominations for the 2014 CC Person of the Year.

I_medium Rick Pitino and Wyking Jones are spending their Tuesday recruiting a pair of West Coast stars.

I_medium Adam Zagoria has the lowdown on how the meeting with Thornton went.

I_medium I was a guest on the College Hoops Digest podcast Monday night, which you can listen to here.

I_medium Louisville has been named as one of the 20 best food cities in America.

I_medium The Healing Place is holding a contest for Louisville-Kentucky basketball tickets.

I_medium If you haven't yet checked out our Belk Bowl fundraiser, go ahead and give that a look.

I_medium And finally, I'll be co-hosting The John Ramsey Show from 10-12 tomorrow morning on ESPN 680. Listen live on your radio or on as we discuss all the current happenings in the world of Cardinal sports.