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Todd Grantham 'More Convinced Than Ever' That Louisville Can Compete For National Title

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

U of L defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has seen the national attention given to him ramped up over the past week, a trend that's unlikely to change between now and when Louisville squares off against his former team, Georgia, in the Belk Bowl on Dec. 30.

On Monday, Grantham was the subject of an ESPN feature in which he downplayed the significance of facing his former team in the postseason. In the piece, he reiterated that for Louisville, the game is all about building on the momentum the program has been able to create in recent years.

"Our main focus and vision is to win the ACC and compete for a national title, and after one year here and the recruiting class we're having, I'm more convinced than ever that we can reach that goal," Grantham said.

The most recent bit of momentum, Louisville's 9-3 season in its first year as a member of the ACC, was thanks largely to Grantham's efforts. Despite inheriting a defense which had just lost three NFL Draft picks (including two first rounders), Grantham led a unit which wound up leading the nation in interceptions, ranking seventh in sacks, and 18th in scoring defense.

You can read the entire feature from ESPN's David Ching here.