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Saturday Morning Cardinal News And Notes

Zachary Chase Ullrich and his bros are pulling an all-day tailgate in preparation for tonight's game.

I_medium Final Spread Check: Louisville by 3.

I_medium Boston College is already bowl eligible, but both BC and Louisville will be looking to improve their bowl prospects Saturday night.

I_medium Tomahawk Nation goes to the film to prove that Jameis Winston definitely wasn't shaving points against Louisville. And if that doesn't convince you, then do a little (or a lot) background reading on the shady dude who posted the original story.

I_medium Four of BC Interruption's six writers like the Eagles to upset Louisville tonight. The two who disagree believe the Cardinals will win convincingly.

I_medium I've missed this.

Now we got a game.

I_medium The Magic got Gorgui'd Friday night.

I_medium Jeff Greer tosses out five things to watch in tonight's game.

I_medium The Crunch Zone offers up its preview of tonight's game.

I_medium The best.

I_medium According to Steve Jones of the C-J, Christian Academy baseball standout Riley Thompson will sign with Louisville next Wednesday.

I_medium After day one of a two-day meet with North Carolina, the men's swimming and diving team is dominating the Tar Heels, while the women are trailing by a single point.

I_medium The Cards won't have Lorenzo Mauldin, but they're still going to be a stiff challenge for the Boston College run game.

I_medium Athlon's four ACC writers are split on their game prediction, and all four envision a low scoring game.

ACC Week 11 Predictions
UL (-3) at BC BC 28-21 UL 24-23 UL 27-24 BC 24-20

I_medium And finally, beat BC.