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11 Words Or Phrases Louisville And Kentucky Fans Need To Stop Using Now

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

For all the good things about the Louisville-Kentucky rivalry, I think we can all agree that there are times where it's either exhausting or just downright annoying. The social media era has added to this, of course, as the "fringe" fans now have more ability than ever to let their thoughts be heard...and heard....and heard.

As we inch closer and closer to game day, let's take a look at 10 items that should never, ever be used in rivalry banter again.

"I couldn't care less about Louisville/Kentucky"

This might be the aspect of the modern rivalry that annoys me the most. There are fans on Twitter who have more tweets about how little they care about Kentucky or Louisville than they do supporting the team they root for. We've also seen it firsthand on this site a great number of times where someone has taken the time to read the site, sign up for am account, and then start writing comments detailing just how little they care about Louisville.

This is a rivalry, it's okay to admit that we don't like the other side, that we pay attention to them, and that we'd prefer -- so long as it doesn't have a negative impact on our team -- that they lose. We can be honest here, guys, there's no need to pull the "call the girl who rejected you ugly" move.

I don't have a problem with Kentucky fans who watch Louisville hoping they lose (assuming UK isn't playing at the same time) or vice versa. I do have a big problem with the fans who do it and feel the need to lie about it.


Yes, Kentucky football has historically been one of the worst programs in the SEC, but they still play in college football's best conference and they've still scattered in a few relatively recent seasons where they've made a national impact. And yes, Kentucky basketball has more wins and national championships than Louisville, but U of L is still widely regarded as the sixth or seventh best program in the history of the sport. If Louisville isn't relevant in college basketball, then it's a sport with five teams that are worth paying attention to and 346 that don't matter at all.

Both programs are "relevant" enough that this putdown should be deemed irrelevant forever.


It was an awful term from the moment it was conceived, and it ran its course about two years ago. The Bluegrass rivalry and 9-year-olds playing video games are the only two things keeping it alive.


At this point, what's the goal when you serve up this gem? When you type it or say it outloud, are you thinking, "someone's about to read or hear this insanely brilliant modification, and I am going to blow their f---ing mind?" Or do you think that Louisville fans are going to be so insulted and floored by the gravitas of such an overwhelmingly brilliant insult that they're going to finally see the light, burn their Cardinal garb and don a UK starter jacket?

The only thing "Loserville" does effectively is let people know that they're free to stop reading or stop listening.

"Kensucky" (or any variation)


Little Brother"

Here's how one of these conversations typically goes after a Louisville win.

"You're still little brother."

"Well, we won."

"Doesn't matter, you're still little brother."

"Well, we've (insert statistic detailing superiority)."

"Doesn't matter, you're always going to be little brother."

It's tired, it doesn't have any impact anymore, and it doesn't really make any sense.


The fact that is still utilized and accepted by any chunk of Kentucky's fan base is ridiculous.


There was probably a time when "class," "classy" and all the other derivatives had legitimate meaning, but it's a time I'm not familiar with. The only use of "class" most of us know anymore is a hollow battle cry for Internet sports fans looking to claim superiority over another group of people cut from an almost identical mold.

"Have some class" means nothing. "Oh, real classy" means nothing. "That's okay we're still the classier program" means nothing. Let's let them all burn forever in a giant garbage fire and vow to ourselves to never let this happen again as we watch the flames.

"Pussy cats" (or any variation)

It's not clever, and you are making no less than 75 percent of the people around you feel uneasy.


Like the "class" spiel, this goes for all sports fans. Everyone knows what you're actually saying. Stop.

"Troll/Trolling" (when used incorrectly)

If you're using it right that's totally fine, but I'm not sure that anyone really understands the proper usage anymore. A Kentucky fan throwing a beer bottle at a Cardinal fan (or vice versa) isn't "trolling" Louisville, it's just being a violent dick who probably shouldn't attend sporting events. At some point in the last year, all annoying fan behavior has become qualified as "trolling," and it has gotten very old, very quickly.

I'm sure there are more. Feel free to add your own.