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Montrezl Harrell And Terry Rozier Both Projected As Top 10 Picks

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In the most recent mock draft effort from, both Montrezl Harrell and Terry Rozier see themselves selected in the top 10.

Trez goes to the Thunder with the No. 5 overall selection, while Rozier hears his name called by the Pacers at pick 10.

# Team Player H W P School C
1 <strong>Philadelphia</strong> Philadelphia Karl-Anthony Towns 7-0 250 C Kentucky Fr.
2 Los Angeles Lakers Jahlil Okafor 6-11 270 C Duke Fr.
3 <strong>Minnesota</strong> Minnesota Emmanuel Mudiay 6-5 190 PG Congo Intl.
4 <strong>New York</strong> New York Myles Turner 6-11 240 C Texas Fr.
5 <strong>Oklahoma Cty</strong> Oklahoma Cty Montrezl Harrell 6-8 240 PF Louisville Jr.
6 <strong>Detroit</strong> Detroit Bobby Portis 6-10 240 PF Arkansas So.
7 <strong>Denver</strong> Denver Kristaps Porzingis 7-1 220 PF Latvia Intl.
8 <strong>Boston</strong> Boston Kelly Oubre 6-7 200 SF Kansas Fr.
9 <strong>Charlotte</strong> Charlotte Stanley Johnson 6-7 245 SF Arizona Fr.
10 <strong>Indiana</strong> Indiana Terry Rozier 6-2 190 PG Louisville So.

Chris Jones also makes an appearance in the second round, where he's selected by the Pelicans with the 51st overall pick.

This is obviously all just fun and games at this point, but it's nice to see that the guys have acquitted themselves well in the eyes of folks through the first couple weeks of the season.