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Bobby Petrino Locks Up Academic Bonus

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville football's current single-year APR will be good enough for Bobby Petrino to cash in on a $500,000 bonus that Petrino has in his contract if the Cards' annual APR figure is 935 or better.

"While the final APR figure is still in draft form until any possible adjustments are made and confirmed in its release by the NCAA, we have determined that it will exceed the threshold in coach Petrino's contract and he is entitled to the $500,000," U of L SID Kenny Klein said to USA Today in an e-mail.

With that bonus and the one he was already set to receive for leading Louisville to a bowl, Petrino figures to receive at least $791,667 in bonuses this year.

That is $791,667 more than Hot Hot plans to make in bonuses this year, as he has fallen well short of the "post 10 tweetcaps in one football season" stipulation in his contract which would have paid him an extra $3.69.