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Crowd Noise Controversy Has Somehow Become The Unquestioned Theme Of Louisville-Clemson Week

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

If you had "crowd noise controversy" in the Louisville-Clemson theme of the week pool, it's time to collect your winnings. The thousands of you riding with "DeVante Parker playing status" will have to try again in seven days.

A comment from Bobby Petrino comparing the crowd noise at Clemson's Memorial Stadium with that of the Carrier Dome at Syracuse has incensed Tiger fans to the point where it seems like little else is being discussed.

Here's the comment, which sounds about five times less antagonistic than it reads ... and it doesn't read all that antagonistically.

On the environment at Death Valley

I think it's something you look forward to and you enjoy. To be real honest with you, it's gonna be very similar to last week. That was a loud place. It was extremely -- I don't know if it can get any louder, even though the crowd wasn't that big. On that first third down and everyone started screaming and yelling, maybe it can't get any louder than that. The stadium will be big. There will be a lot of people there. The field's the same length. The goal posts are the same height.

We've gotta go in and enjoy it. This is one of the things that's exciting about being in the ACC is some of the venues that we get to go play at. This is our first real experience in that. What we need to do is have a good week of practice, focus on that, getting better and then go play football.

This comment has Clemson fans so riled up that they're now planning a "Silent Out" for Saturday's game.

I get that crowd noise and the intimidation of Death Valley are both extreme sources of pride for the Clemson fan base, which sort of explains this backlash, but I also get what Petrino was trying to say. Louisville's linemen and running backs weren't able to hear Reggie Bonnafon when he tried to check to different plays in the first half against Syracuse because of the crowd noise. Once crowd noise has risen to that point, who cares if it gets any louder? Isn't that the whole point? It's like hitting a three-pointer from right behind the line or eight feet behind the line; they both achieve the same result.

None of that matters to the Clemson folks, who have taken to message boards to express their anger, and have been circulating a number of images on social media touting the crowd noise at Death Valley.

Even CJ Spiller couldn't help but get into the act.

It may not be the controversy anyone expected, but it's the controversy we have.