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Media Chases FSU From Louisville Landmark To Louisville Landmark

Denied sufficient practice space, FSU gets creative and gets a tour of the Louisville we all know and love

I love Louisville, and I love it when people get to visit.  A nice day might be saying to your visitors, hey let's go down to the Great Lawn, look at the river, then get some seafood at Joe's Crab Shack before I drop you off at the iconic Galt House hotel where you might could check out one of the nicer restaurants in the area, Jeff Ruby's (although I'm partial to Eddie Merlot's).

But such an idyllic day was denied to the visiting Florida State Seminoles today, as Mike Chron'd (don't call it that) in this breaking news post from earlier.  That's right - the local media literally chased away our guests from Waterfront Park, and we know they are not welcome at Jeff Ruby's.

And if that wasn't enough, helpful members of #UofLTwitter suggested other places for our guests to visit, and then the media chased them away from there too!

First, per @leighb_b, a great suggestion:

And it seemed to be working:


But then Kent Taylor showed up and FSU was like, man, this isn't going to work.  They can see the hand signals that result in us lining up in Y-2 Spider Banana.  Can't have that.

Our man The Real Chace Bland (not to be confused with the many Chace Bland parody accounts like @MarkEnnis) had a smart idea:


But late-afternoon traffic at that intersection was louder than the Clemson crowd so they wanted something that would better prepare them for the Louisville crowd tomorrow night.

Luckily, Billy Hotpants was on the case:

And that worked, but it had gotten dark so it was hard for them to see.


Plus Harned showed up, not because he was going to take video of them but because it's a Wednesday, but since he was there and sorta the main local media guy, FSU really was pissed.  So now they had a dilemma. Where can they practice after dark?

They say Clemson fans are nice, but our fans can say "welcome to Louisville" with the best of them.  And right on time, Bradley Frywater was like, you need someplace indoors?



But eventually the aroma from the Bath and Body Works and the other shop like that right by there were overpowering and everyone got headaches and tired of turning down free face cream demonstrations so they decided to just head back to the hotel.  I hope this experience doesn't sour them on our hometown and anger them in advance of Thursday night's game!

Seriously though, I'm terrible at this.  Where else would it be funny for the FSU team to have practiced in Louisville?

  • Bowman Field
  • The rubble of the Silos
  • Inside the Woodford Lounge at the Yum! Center (running plays only)
  • St. Joe's Orphanage lawn where the picnic is
  • Mockingbird Valley indoor soccer facility
  • Dog hill at Cherokee Park
  • Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium

So guys, let's show FSU and the ACC how welcoming we are to our guests and that the pack mentality of the blood thirsty Louisville media is not indicative of our community's feelings towards visitors.  In the comments, please people, make suggestions for where FSU could have practiced after being kicked out of the Mall.  Or if you took pictures of them around town practicing as a group or individually, please post those as well.