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Come One, Come All To The 2014-15 Cardnival

Come one, come all -

It's time for the 2014 - 2015 Cardnival

The greatest show anywhere on the Atlantic Coast

Let's take a look at what this event has to boast


At the Cardnival you never know what you might find

But the mystical Pitiknows can read your mind

Looking for more mind-blowing surprises?

Stop by Wayne's Weight Challenge and you can win some prizes

After you've weighed in it's time for a snack

Stop on by Snider's Pretzel Shack

With a stomach full of dough

Jumbo Jones' Soda Ring Toss is the place to go

Carolina Cardinals' Free Throw Challenge will give you two tries

If you don't hit both you sure as hell won't get a prize

If you can't win a prize because your free throw form is whacky

Stop by and get a guaranteed treat from that S.O.B. Quacky

Win a prize and now it's time to take a ride

Levitchtation will shake up your insides

Visit Chinanu's Cups to keep on spinning

When it's time for pictures, you'll be grinning

After all those rides, it's time for a break

Walk on over to Montrezl's Dunk Tank

If you dunk Motrezl's ass

Beware of the broken glass

Stay close to water and sail the seas

Ride Stockman's Swing Ship and go higher than the trees

With Viking strength and courage head to the next booth

Shaqquan's Strength Test will tell you an unfortunate truth

Even though you are weak you can still get some kisses

Terry's Kissing Booth is the favorite destination of the Mrs.

Less popular is the Anas Kissing Station

Be nice though and stop by and give a donation