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Charles Gaines Says Keeping Offenses Off The Bird Is The New Goal

Tyler Smith

As only he can, Louisville cornerback Charles Gaines laid out a new goal for the Louisville defense on Wednesday: keeping opposing offenses from crossing the 50-yard-line.

"That's a new goal," Gaines said. "As long as we don't let them across the 50, I feel like, as a unit, that could be put on our board for our new goal, especially at home. Can't cross the bird."

The Cardinals will enter this weekend with the No. 1 defense in the country, a statistic that has a lot to do with Gaines. While the junior cornerback may not have the numbers to back that statement up, that's only because opposing quarterbacks have spent the vast majority of their time throwing to the opposite side of the field.

"I just stay humble," Gaines said. "I do my job. If a team is looking to not throw at me, that just means that other players are going to make plays. It's a blessing to just knot that I have an opportunity to shut down one side of the field. It gives our safeties and linebackers and defensive line a better chance of getting to the quarterback."

"Can't Cross the Bird" shirts: coming ... already, probably.