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Lorenzo Mauldin Named One Of 10 Homecoming King Finalists

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

On the day of his 22nd birthday, Lorenzo Mauldin found out that he was one of 10 finalists to be the University of Louisville's 2014 Homecoming King. On the Queen side of things, junior volleyballer Katie George also made the cut.

The winners will be announced at halftime of the Louisville Homecoming football game against NC State, but major congrats to both Cardinal athletes for making it this far.

I'd give the rest of the names or a link to the page with the announcement, but to my knowledge there isn't one. There is, however this tweet with the pictures of the finalists:

Congrats to all the honorees, you're all my favorites ... unless one of your names is Chad. Just kidding. You're cool too, Chad. Kind of.