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How Have Past Coaches Who Have Returned To Former Jobs Fared?

Jamie Squire

Believe it or not, what Louisville is about to do with Bobby Petrino is not unprecedented. While the extenuating circumstances have made this one of the biggest stories nationally, there are five other coaches in the past 40 years who have returned to the major college football program where they initially had success.

How have they fared? CBS Sports' Tony Moss broke it down earlier today, but here are the shorter stories:

Bill Snyder, Kansas State

First tenure (1989-2005): Produced an overall record of 136-68-1 and went to 11 bowl games in 17 years.

Second tenure (2009-present): Is 42-22 (.656) with four bowl appearances in five seasons.

Mike Riley, Oregon State

First tenure (1997-98): Went 8-14 in two seasons before leaving to coach the San Diego Chargers.

Second tenure (2003-present): Led the Beavers to five bowl appearances in the first six seasons back, and is a solid 80-59 (.576) in 11 seasons overall.

John Robinson, USC

First tenure (1976-82): Went 67-14-2 with five Pac-8/Pac-10 titles, three Rose Bowl wins and a national championship.

Second tenure (1993-97): Went 36-21-2 with aRose Bowl victory in year three.

Johnny Majors, Pittsburgh

First tenure (1973-76): Was 33-13-1 including a 12-0 season and a national title in the final season of that run.

Second tenure (1993-96): Went  just 12-32 in four years before retiring after the 1996 season.

Bill Walsh, Stanford

First tenure (1977-78): Went 17-7 with a pair of bowl wins before moving on to the San Francisco 49ers.

Second tenure (1992-94): Led Stanford to a 10-3 record and a bowl win in his first season, but won just seven games in the two seasons after.

So what does this prove? That hiring back Bobby Petrino MIGHT be great or it MIGHT be not great.

You're welcome.