A few new wallpapers (Russ, Jurich, Mauldin, Harrell, Gill, Rozier, Jones, Ware added)

I haven't gotten the chance to make any new UofL wallpapers in a while. Between school, work, and my internship with the Kentucky Xtreme it's been tough. I had the day off and I decided I had some catching up to do. Check out all the links below and let me know what you think. I'm planning on doing a new wallpaper for each basketball player, and then a team wallpaper in the next few days. I'll add any new wallpapers here rather than making a new post. I know this is likely to get lost in all of the coaching news, but for those that see it, thanks for looking.

Tom Jurich

Kevin Ware

Anton Gill

Terry Rozier

Russ Smith

Chris Jones

Montrezl Harrell

Lorenzo Mauldin