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The Latest On Charlie Strong And Texas

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Let's break this thing down from a fundamental standpoint:

--ESPN, USA Today and CBS are now among the many networks reporting that Charlie Strong has informally agreed to become the next head football coach at Texas, and that an official announcement will come Sunday. Most of those outlets are also reporting that Strong will be introduced at a press conference on Monday.

--Strong has been wanting to meet with U of L athletic director Tom Jurich face-to-face, a meeting which has proven to be difficult as Jurich was vacationing in Colorado and has had a difficult time returning to Louisville because of a winter storm. According to Yahoo's Pat Forde, Jurich has finally made it back to Louisville, and a meeting with Strong is expected to take place shortly.

--Whether this meeting is Strong simply wanting to tell Jurich face-to-face that he's leaving or if it's a matter of a conflicted Strong wanting to talk this decision out, I'm not sure. All I know is the only thing Strong has told anyone at U of L today is that he has not yet made a decision. Regardless of Strong's intent, it's a safe bet that Jurich will make one last pitch if afforded the opportunity.

This is what we know. We will know more at a later time...hopefully not too much later.