An Entirely Unscientific Study

In response to the possible defection of University of Louisville head football coach Charlie Strong to the University of Texas, there has been a lot of discussion in the comment threads about our next coach and whether one would support the rehiring of controversial coach Bobby Petrino.

On one hand, the man has proven to be an offensive genius who is capable of winning and, I have no doubt, could come in and accomplish great things with the personnel in place as we transition into the ACC.

On the other hand, the man is also arguably just plain offensive, and left Louisville high and dry as he eventually bolted to take the head coaching position with the Atlanta Falcons one year after lying about interviewing for the Auburn head coaching position. Petrino then left the Falcon's players a "Dear John" letter on his way out the door in the middle of the season to take the job at the University of Arkansas, only to lose that job after an affair with a coed, whom he helped get a job, a matter he lied about and tried to cover up after wrecking a motorcycle with the young lady riding on the back came to light.

I've seen the speculation, and am curious.