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Teddy Bridgewater Talks Draft, Charlie Strong And The Upcoming Season For Louisville

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Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Teddy Bridgewater made his first extended appearance on Louisville radio in quite some time Wednesday morning when he sat down with Drew Deener of ESPN 680 at the IMG Academy in Florida. He had plenty to say (spoiler: he's still awesome).

You can listen to the entire interview here, but below are some highlights:

On whether or not being the No. 1 pick is one of his goals:

"Oh yes. No doubt. That's my dream right now, and I'm just trying to make it come true."

On looking for an agent:

"I've been having some help. I've been advised by guys who have played in the NFL and guys who have my best interests. It's a process. When you meet people, you have to gain their trust with just one meeting. I've been talking to a couple guys and just trying to build that relationship on a daily basis and trying to have a bond so that when I am able to sign an agent it'll be like family.

On agents trying to get to him in college:

"They weren't trying to get to me, but there were guys reaching out to my mom and to my brothers and sisters. Just trying to say 'hey, I'm here' and just trying to get their names out there."

On why it's important to him to be the No. 1 pick:

"I've been purpose-driven my whole life, and I've had to make many sacrifices. Whether it was not going to school to take care of my mom when she was going through breast cancer treatment or telling the University of Louisville that I didn't want a Heisman campaign, because I've always been taught to sacrifice personal glory for team success. I just feel that with all my sacrifices and everything, that this is the time. I just want to be that guy."

On what he'll do for his mom when he does sign with a team:

"When I was in third grade I promised my mom that I would get her a pink Cadillac Escalade with some pink rims. What a coincidence that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and pink is the color that represents breast cancer. So I just want to get her that big pink Escalade truck and see that big smile on her face."

Have you talked to coach Strong since he left Louisville?

"Not yet. I've been wanting coach Strong to get settled at Texas before I even think about calling because he's in a different environment that requires more of his time. I'm going to pick up the phone and call him one of these days when I feel like he's comfortable and well-adjusted."

Were you surprised he left for Texas?

"I wasn't surprised. When you talk about trying to be the best in your job, in your profession, I just feel that he had to make a family decision. It was a decision that he made with his family, and I'm happy for him."

On his decision to leave Louisville and how close it was:

"When I had to make this decision, I asked myself a couple things. The biggest thing was, 'did I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish when I came here?' And that was becoming a better man, maturing and becoming a man, graduating college, winning a BCS game, winning conference awards, and I was able to accomplish each thing."

On everyone rooting for him back in Louisville:

"One thing I can say is that I'm just blessed to be in this situation right now. To not only be on the verge of playing at the highest level of football, but I'm just honored to say that I'm a graduate of the University of Louisville. I'm so thankful that these past three years I was able to learn so much and mature. I can't wait to get back there to feel that environment one more time."

On the upcoming season for the Cardinals:

"I've been talking to a couple of the guys: Charles Gaines, Michaelee Harris, Eli Rogers, Jermaine Reve. Those guys are pretty pumped. They've been talking so highly of coach Petrino and I've had a chance to talk with him over the phone. I'm just so happy for those guys, and they're expecting big things this year."