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Russ Smith Saves The Day/Is The Best

Andy Lyons

The latest installment of the "Russ Smith is the coolest person in Louisville" saga took place Friday night while Smith was attending the girls/boys double-header between Eastern and Manual.

Tonysha Curry, a member of the Manual girls team who had also been named to the homecoming court, discovered that she had been stood up by her date. After some urging from friends, Curry approached Smith and asked if he might step in as her escort during the homecoming ceremony between games.

Of course Russ was game.

"I was like, ‘I don't know if I can do it. I'm scared,'" Curry said with a laugh. "I just walked over there and said, ‘Excuse me, can you please escort me for homecoming court.' He was like, ‘Can I do it? Really? Really?'"

Smith said he was glad to help out Curry.

"It actually made my day more than hers," Smith said. "It was really nice of her to ask me, so I got up and did it for her. ... That never happens. It's one-in-a-million. That made my day."

Smith said he attended the game because he's good friends with Dean Baumert, an assistant coach with the Eastern boys' squad who is a former student manager at U of L.

WDRB's Steve Andress was there to capture the moment.

Never leave, Russ.