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Reports: Clint Hurtt Leaving Louisville For NFL Job

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According to multiple reports, Louisville defensive line coach Clint Hurtt is leaving U of L to take the same job with the Chicago Bears. Jason Higdon of was the first to report the news of Hurtt's departure.

Hurtt, who is prohibited from taking another college position while serving an NCAA show-cause penalty, had been the lone holdover from Charlie Strong's Cardinal staff. The former recruiting coordinator at U of L had been banned from recruiting through June 9 of this year.

The penalties levied against Hurtt came as the result of recruiting violations during his time as an assist coach at Miami. Still, Strong and U of L athletic director Tom Jurich (and eventually Bobby Petrino) elected to retain Hurtt, while placing additional sanctions on him.

This is...not exactly cool. Still, I guess if you're going to start a new era, you might as well go with a completely blank slate. Which seems kind of funny to say considering Louisville's new head coach was Louisville's old head coach this time a year ago, but you know what I mean.