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Louisville Will Host Florida State On Thursday, Oct. 30

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville's first ACC football schedule doesn't official come out until 3 p.m., but here's a little teaser: the Cardinals will host defending national champion Florida State on Thursday night, Oct. 30.

The news is already reflected on FSU's website and has been confirmed by U of L.


If there was EVER a time for the dream of a Papa John's Cardinal Stadium Bird Mask-Out to take place, a Thursday night game against the defending national champions on the day before Halloween is it. Fifty-six thousand people in bird masks. Dead silence for four quarters of football. The loudest eruption the city has ever heard followed by a field storming once the clock hits zero. It would be the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of sports.

But seriously, a Black Out would be cool too.

The other major story here is that the Seminoles have 11 days to prepare for their game against U of L, and also have a week off before their showdown with Clemson on Sept. 20. My guess is the Cards will have the same 11-day preparation period.

More coming when the full schedule is official.