Notes from a Card-Centric Orlando Vacation

The holidays are officially over, Cardmageddon has come and gone and I am back home, rudely reinserted into my daily routine and responsibilities. Gone is the thrill of rooting for my Cards in person, the togetherness that can only come from sharing a single room with three other family members on vacation and the crushing lines of Orlando.

I fell woefully behind on my Card Chronicle-reading due to the demands of the holidays and, indeed, the aforementioned Card-centric Orlando vacation. If anyone noticed my lack of comments over the last week or so, no, I have not disappeared off the face of the earth, but was merely busy and/or away from my computer.

I wanted to make a few comments on what turned out to be an amazing trip with my fellow Card fanatics:

  • Wow, was I lucky to be able to get the time off to even make the trip. My Sergeant came in from his vacation to cover for me on the 30th so that I might be able to be off from the 27th through the 1st. My family and I flew down the 27th (my wife's birthday) and came home last night.
  • We went to the Alumni pregame tailgate party and watched UofL square off vs. Kentucky prior to the football game. How many friggin' times did we allow Kentucky to drive the lane to the basket in the first half?!
  • One Shining Moment I saw you there buddy, you did a good job stirring up the fans.
  • Yes, we headed into the stadium before the basketball game was over. We got to our seats just before the National Anthem. I don't think the basketball team noticed. The football team may have though.
  • About those seats.....



  • We will miss you, but wish you all the luck in the world.


  • All the trophies.


  • When you misplace your CCBM you make-do as best you can.


  • Because we always need more Ladybirds


  • For the kids who were Miami fans and felt the need to tell us Teddy wouldn't be there next year, I say to you "You scored, what, 9 points? Teddy doesn't play defense".
  • For the idiot Miami fan behind me who voiced the opinion that "that quarterback (Teddy) is scared and can't wait to get rid of the ball" Yeah. You go right on believing that.
  • Louisville fans represented in Orlando for the Russell Athletic Bowl. Great turnout.
  • Wish I could wear a hat like this with my uniform. Cool to see Florida cops representing for the Cards. This particular one was throwing "L's" up all night.


  • 'Cause more Ladybirds


  • Does anyone do it better than Disney?


  • While I was in the neighborhood, I thought I'd catch a local basketball game.


  • During said game I noticed a lack of one, Chane Behanan and immediately logged onto Card Chronicle for the first time in days only to learn he had been dismissed from the team. Needless to say I was heartbroken. I tried to comment. Commenting from your phone on a game thread is impossible.
  • The loud whistle you heard while Luke was changing his shirt was my wife.
  • The UCF campus, at least around the arena and football stadium, is very, very, nice.
  • The UCF fans I met were very nice and very informed about their team. Great experience.
  • If this Louisville team can get it going at the 5 spot they are going to be very, very good.
  • I need a thesaurus to find another word for "very".
  • Disney has an uncanny ability to respond to extreme challenges and to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Thank God for the key fob and alarm, or I may never have found my silver Dodge Caravan rental car every time I returned to a parking lot.
  • Go Cards