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U of L Commit Shaqquan Aaron Posts Triple Double


Louisville commit Shaqquan Aaron continued his monster season by positing a triple double in Rainier Beach's 117-78 trouncing of West Seattle Tuesday night. The McDonald's All-American candidate led the onslaught with 32 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.

Aaron, who is averaging 22.9 ppg and has led Rainier Beach to a perfect 11-0 start, recently sat down with the website D1 Circuit for a Q&A session.

Question: How much do you pay attention to Louisville right now?
Answer: A lot, I've been watching - they've lost a couple games so far but you know that's what happened last year, they got it together and ended up winning a national championship. I always follow them.

Q: What's the relationship like with Louisville, how much contact do you have?
A: I talk to coach [Pitino], and all the assistants all the time like, twice a week. They text me, I text them, they check on me and how I did in games, I check on them. Sometimes I give them input on what I felt about the [Louisville] game like ‘What was wrong with this thing today?' Things like that.

Q: Do they have suggestions for you?
A: Of course, they talk to my high school coaches. They tell me ‘try working on this next game, or that' or they want me to have 15 rebounds next time if I had ten and things like that. They tell things all the time.

You can read the entire interview here.