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Russ Smith Makes The Cover Of Sporting News

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It's officially the autumn of Cover Russ.


According to the fine folks at WDRB, when The Sporting News' college hoops preview hits news stands later this month, Louisville fans will see their team ranked No. 3. The top spot will belong to the Kentucky Wildcats.

The publication also features Russ Smith as a second team All-American (Duke freshman Jabari Parker knocked him from the usual suspects - Smart, McDermott, Wiggins, Payne - on the first team), while Montrezl Harrell makes a somewhat surprising appearance as a third team All-American.

The Cards are picked to win the American Athletic Conference, with Smith, Harrell and Chane Behanan all featured in the list of the league's top 10 players.

You can order a copy of the magazine right here.