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Cards Have Come A Long Way Since Last Meeting With Eastern Kentucky

Three years ago, our little world here was an extremely different place. I was in law school, Louisville had just lost to Kentucky in football, the site was being widely-criticized for a report about unknown freshman Gorgui Dieng's eligibility, and everyone was freaking out because the future quarterback who was going to save the program, Seneca High's DaMarcus Smith, had just tweaked his ankle.

It was less fun.

A couple of things were the same; Charlie Strong was U of L's head football coach, and his team was preparing to face Eastern Kentucky at home on Saturday.

The game ultimately proved to be a day of firsts. Strong got his first victory as Louisville's (or anyone's) head coach, and beloved wide receiver Doug Beaumont finally found the endzone for the first time. Bilal Powell was beginning to convince the doubters that he deserved his "face of the program" status, and one of the hottest ongoing debates was whether or not true freshman Dominique Brown should be the team's starting quarterback.

Other highlights included Rodney Gnat notching four of the team's eight sacks, Papa John making a halftime appearance in unnecessarily dramatic fashion, U of L wearing patriotic American bird helmets, and the Cards scoring all 23 of their points in the second quarter.

The ultimate result was a 23-13 victory that didn't exactly leave U of L fans predicting that the team would be winning a bowl game in four months. They did.

Enjoy this quick trip down memory lane:

Saturday should definitely be a "look how far we've come" experience.