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2014 Football Recruiting Update 2.0


It's been a few months since we gave an update on the 2014 football commits. From what I've heard, the 2014 class could grow by 2-5 more guys from its current total of 25. Whenever the staff adds a few more guys we will update with video and analysis. For now, here are the 5 guys who have committed since the summer:

Devin Pike


Shawn Watson utilizes tight ends in his offensive system much more than I think any of us realized before this season. Gerald Christian, Ryan Hubbell, and Zeke Pike have all been on the field a lot this season and have been vital to keeping the offense multiple. Devin Pike continues the trend of bringing in athletic tight ends that are more pass catchers than blockers. The staff brought in Keith Towbridge last year and Pike is pretty much a smaller version of him. Both played basketball and both fit the role of the tight end in this offense. Watson tends to send his tight ends out on short quick-hitters that don't require a ton of speed. Pike does a great job of working into windows and squaring his frame to the quarterback. As fundamentally sound as he is, however, he will need to get bigger to help his blocking.

Cardinal Comparison: Gary Barnidge

Isaac Stewart


This is going to sound weird but I labeled Stewart as a "tackler" when I first saw his video. Some guys are just naturally gifted at tackling and don't really excell at other aspects of playing linebacker. This kids just does a great job in between the tackles and he knows how to bring down running backs. He can run well and doesn't struggle getting from sideline to sideline, but he is really good sifting through the line and making plays at or behind the line of scrimmage. Louisville's system works well for larger middle linebackers because it allows them to play downhill. Stewart should already has good size and I really think he can come in and compete for the backup middle linebacker spot next year.

Cardinal Comparison: Lamar Myles

Chris Nelson


You're probably just going to skim this so that you can rewatch the video above. There's not much analysis needed when a 290-pound defensive tackle prospect is lining up at middle linebacker and making plays all over the place. This young man is unbelievably mobile for his size. I honestly don't understand how he isn't a consensus 4-star prospect. Nelson will have to learn how to be a true defensive tackle when he gets on campus, but you can't teach the athleticism that this kid possesses. Strong and company look to have found a real gem.

Cardinal Comparison: Brandon Dunn mixed with Elvis Dumervil?

Terry Ramsey


Ramsey is my best guess for the guy ranked in the middle of the class that gets snaps next year. In my opinion he has the best fundamentals of the defensive linemen in the class and his length bodes well for pass rushing. Rasmey doesn't just go out there and "out-athlete" people, so he has learned how to uses different pass rush moves and different hand techniques to beat blocks and hold his ground. He plays the option extremely well and runs down plays well outside of his area. Those are the types of things Vance Bedford and Clint Hurt expect every play and Ramsey is already doing those things at a high level.

Cardinal Comparison: Michael Josiah/Greg Scruggs

Poona Ford


The top rated member of the 2014 class is the most destructive defensive player we've seen Charlie Strong land in my opinion. Ford just blows up everything and is unbelievably strong when he gets his hands on someone. Ford is undersized for the position, but he uses it to his advantage. Ford plays with really good pad level and does a great job great job of keeping his feet and running through blocks. Ford's strength is, quite literally, his strength. Ford gets guys to the ground by just tossing them around. He backs up his 4-star status every game and just flat out brings it. I think Ford will rotate in with Sheldon Rankins next year and help replace the graduating duo of Brandon Dunn and Roy Philon next year.

Cardinal Comparison: Brandon Dunn

Below are updated video from anyone that has posted senior year highlights:

Isaiah Ford

De'Eric Culver

Reggie Bonnafon

Nilijah Ballew

Rashawn Shaw

George Rushing

Jared McCray

DeSean Blair

Marques Gayot

Henry Famurewa

Micky Crum

Jeff Williams

Zykiesis Cannon