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Planet Fitness Donates $3 Million To Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Can we all agree that this story would be more awesome if this was a guy whose name is "Planet Fitness" donating $3 million to the Schnellenberger Complex? I mean don't get me wrong, this is still great news, I'm know, I'm just sayin'.

Here's a chunk of the release:

The University of Louisville today announced that the local Planet Fitness franchise, whose principals include Rick and David Kueber, has committed $3 million toward construction and support for the expansion of the Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex.

This gift is in addition to the $3 million committed to U of L in 2008 by the Kueber brothers through their Sun Tan City business, bringing their total support to the University to $6 million.

Located in the football complex, the U of L weight training facility includes aesthetic appeal with large glass windows overlooking the Cardinal practice fields. U of L's weight room includes 10,500 square feet of floor space. With the new gift in place, the plan is to expand the weight facility to almost double its current size and give the players more room to train during their conditioning periods.

"We are very thankful for the gift from the Kuebers and their Planet Fitness business," said U of L Vice President/Director of Athletics. "The Kuebers have been great contributors to the university and I'm so appreciative of everything they have done through the years to benefit our department. This gift enables us to continue to build this football program and give our student-athletes the best opportunity to be successful."

The training area in the Complex is currently almost 3,000 square feet, but will also double in size, which will also include a new hydrotherapy room as one of the main components of the expansion.

"I'm extremely grateful to receive this major gift from the Kueber Family and their Planet Fitness franchise," head coach Charlie Strong said. "This major commitment allows us to make our facilities even better as we look to continue to build this program. This is the next step in allowing us to compete at the highest level and I am very thankful for their generosity."

Built in 1998, the Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex houses every aspect of the Cardinals' football program. The Cardinals' academic services, weight room, training room and equipment areas are all located in the Complex. As part of the partnership, Coach Strong will endorse the Planet Fitness brand in the Louisville area.

Big thanks to Mr. Fitness.