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Week 4 Bowl Projections For Louisville

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Chris Trotman

If we're not going to Pasadena I'd just as soon keep things close to the East Coast, but whatever, I'm not picky. You guys just go ahead and do your thing. Don't mind me, I'm not even here.

ESPN (Edwards): Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma State

ESPN (Schlabach): Orange Bowl vs. Florida State

SB Nation: Fiesta Bowl vs. Baylor

The Orange goes next. I'm projecting Big 12 runner-up Oklahoma State, American champion Louisville (which earns an automatic BCS spot due to its conference, but doesn't have a designated place to play), and a one-loss Florida State to be the likeliest teams to join. Though it's time to keep an eye on Fresno State, which could enter the top 25 after downing Boise State on Friday, and only needs to reach No. 12 in the BCS (or 16, if an AQ-conference champ ranks below 16) to ruin somebody's holiday season.

Let's say the Pokes' high-powered offense makes for an attractive pairing with Clemson and big TV draw FSU makes for a Mark Richt reunion (due to the Orange passing on a FSU-Clemson rematch). This means the Fiesta gets stuck with two of the country's best offenses, maybe the country's two hottest names in the coaching rumor mill, and maybe the No. 1 NFL Draft pick. Turns out well for everybody.

Athlon: Orange Bowl vs. Clemson 

Sporting News: Orange Bowl vs. Clemson

CBS: Sugar Bowl vs. South Carolina

With Alabama in the BCS Championship Game, the Sugar Bowl takes South Carolina as the replacement selection. With the second at-large pick, it takes American Athletic Conference champion Louisville.

Orlando Sentinel: Orange Bowl vs. Clemson