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There Will Be A Tailgate Wedding Before Tomorrow's Game

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Joe Robbins

Tomorrow morning in the paved lot inside Gate 4 at the Fairgrounds, Louisville fans Vonnie Evans and Jeff Miller will tie the knot.

"We thought that would be cool - a tailgate wedding," Evans told USA Today.

"On that side, we're all kind of crazy and kind of out there," said John Schneider, Evans' nephew. "That's why I wasn't really surprised to hear they want to do something like this. They know we're all football fans, and I've made comments in the past about people missing games because of weddings. I'm like, 'I'm never getting married in the fall because of football.'"

Evans will wear a white U of L jersey and white carpris, while Miller will sport the equally traditional black jersey/black pants look. The Evans family has tailgated at the spot for over a decade.

I can only assume that a CCBM will be there to officiate.

Best of luck to the happy couple in the morning.