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Your Motivation For Saturday's Game Is Obvious

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I've felt it, you've felt it and people around the city who have no rooting interest have felt it: Louisville fans are having a hard time getting excited about Saturday's game against Florida International.

It's not hard to figure out why. This is a locally televised noon game, U of L is coming off of a rivalry game against Kentucky, and the Panthers might be the worst team to ever come into Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, high school or college. Ok, just college. And that 2009 Indiana State team had to have been the worst.

Anyway, I'm here to remind you of why you need to be focused and fired up for Saturday's game. It's not because FIU beat Louisville at home two years again, it's not because the Panthers nearly did the same thing in Miami last season, and it's not because starting the versatile E.J. Hilliard gives Ron Turner's team a better chance to compete.

It's because this happened.

Forget the loss...No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house, puts their hands on Will Stein, and goes on living their life without retribution.

Vengeance comes Saturday. Never forget.