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Bowl Projections For Louisville After Three Weeks

Andy Lyons

Once again, everyone has the Cards in the BCS, but no one has them playing for it all.

ESPN (Schlabach): Sugar Bowl vs. Georgia

ESPN (Edwards): Fiesta vs. Oklahoma State

CBS: Sugar Bowl vs. South Carolina

With Alabama in the BCS Championship Game, the Sugar Bowl takes South Carolina as the replacement selection. With the second at-large pick, it takes American Athletic Conference champion Louisville.

The Sporting News: Orange Bowl vs. Clemson

College Football News: Orange Bowl vs. Florida State

Top Three Other Options: 1) Clemson, 2) Rutgers, 3) Miami

Why? The Florida State-Clemson winner will be here unless it gets a big break and slides into the BCS championship. Louisville didn't look great against Kentucky, but it'll win the AAC in a walk.

Orlando Sentinel: Orange Bowl vs. Clemson