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The Campaign Continues For The U of L Football Ticket

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

By Andrew Phelps

The 2013 college football campaign has arrived and successfully recaptured its faithful American audience, and every fall-obsessed-fanatic. Spirited arguments, beer bellies, and autographed babies are breaking out across the heartland, and the candidates have three weeks of full-fledged entertainment, excitement, scandal and bewilderment under their belts.

The University of Louisville ticket, Charlie Strong and Theodore "Teddy" "The Greatest Quarterback Ever" Bridgewater, survived the January through August primaries and are positioned well for a final stretch surge into the hearts of the electorate. The nominees and their staff have plenty of hurdles to overcome, first and foremost, winning every single game on their schedule and finishing the election cycle 12-0.

Hurdle number two might be positioned second, but it stands significantly taller in the eyes of the voting public. Mr. Strong and Teddy Heisman will attempt a feat never before accomplished by a nominee hailing from a conference outside of the SEC, Big 12, ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12. The University of Louisville Fighting Cardinals want an invitation to Pasadena, and will deserve that invite if they conclude this election cycle 12-0.

I am not a campaign manager; I have never run for political office, I am a law school graduate and a reasonable but unapologetically biased supporter of my University of Louisville. This is a championship caliber team, and to fulfill the goals of the players, coaches, fans and city, this 2013 ticket needs a championship caliber campaign strategy.

Strategery for the campaign should begin by standing steadfast and delivering the facts. Mud started flinging Louisville's direction in February and is quickly approaching a complete landslide of media biased crud. Louisville needs to stand ahead and in front of the assault and supply the truth. The 2013 schedule was and is not the fault of the coaches, players or administration. The Big East self-imploded around UofL, and one year remains before the Cardinals can join the ACC. Charlie and company need to correct the national pundits and inform them how Notre Dame cancelled a planned home and home series, Vanderbilt cancelled, Georgia/ESPN cancelled, Duke cancelled and last but not least, this season was set to begin with an ESPN dream showdown between Teddy Icewater and Johnny Autograph in the house that Jerry built. Not to steal any thunder from HOF Coach Denny Crum, but someone should ask Texas A&M why they wouldn't play us. Louisville tried to play better competition, other schools and organizations simply did not allow it to happen.

Campaign recommendation number two is to press the flesh, brag about the executive leaders and showcase the stellar cabinet. Charlie Strong is the 7th highest-paid coach in the country, and is surrounded by an almost unrivaled collection of talent. It is no secret Teddy is the best quarterback in football, and the current Heisman frontrunner according to Vegas. DeVante Parker is a top five receiver, and arguably a first round draft selection. Michael Dyer is a national champion most valuable player. Dominique Brown, Senorise Perry, Damian Copeland, Robert Clark, Gerald Christian and Eli Rogers would start for almost every football team in the United States. Our talent equals and can outplay any of ESPN's darlings.

Separate from the talent on the field, the experience and skill strolling the sideline is equivalent and more complete than the majority of staffs throughout the USA. Charlie Strong has been offered three presidential positions in the SEC, Shawn Watson turned down multiple head coaching offers to see Teddy through his junior year, Clint Hurtt is a heralded recruiter, and the list could go on. The University and Charlie Strong need to constantly remind the misinformed and uninformed public how legitimate and accomplished this team is. It is a championship assembly, top to bottom, and a day should not pass without reminding ESPN and the country of that fact.

2013 is undeniably the year of the Cardinal. Show me a more complete and accomplished athletic department in the last 15 years, because I don't believe it exists. It is time to let the rest of the nation in on a little secret that some outsiders are slowly beginning to realize. The University of Louisville is an elite athletic university, a blossoming destination city, and a basketball town with 110% devotion to a football team poised to dine with the privileged in this 2013 campaign season. This University is a prime example of upward social mobility, and it's time for the nation to welcome the University of Louisville into the 1%.

All Hail UofL!