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Lorenzo Mauldin Tells His Story On Jim Rome

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Lorenzo Mauldin's story of troubled parents, jumping from foster home to foster home and being the victim of over-signing at South Carolina is well known by Louisville fans, but on Wednesday Mauldin had the chance to share his story with the rest of the country.

Mauldin appeared on The Jim Rome Show and talked at length about football, his rough upbringing and how he ultimately found a family at Louisville.

As most U of L fans remember, Mauldin was struck by a car in a hit-and-run accident on Aug. 27 which left with an overnight hospital stay. The doctor treating Mauldin noticed that he had no one listed as his emergency contact, something which Mauldin attributed to the fact that he's never had any family to call in those situations.

Thanks the community at U of L, that has changed.

"I feel like Louisville as a whole - the football team, the people, the fans - I feel like all of them are my family," Mauldin said. "If I have to call someone, I would call the coaches, I would call the teammates, I would call the fans that I know. I just feel like it's a family environment here, and I'm blessed and glad that I came to Louisville."

The interview starts a little slow, but one he gets into a groove, Mauldin really showcases why people who spend time with tend to fall in love.

Here's the Rome interview in full: