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Week Two Bowl Projections For Louisville

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Kevin C. Cox

After two weeks of play, the experts are in agreement on a pair of items: the first is that Louisville will win the AAC and play in a BCS bowl, and the second is that the Cards will not play for the national championship.

Here's how the national sports networks are projecting things at the moment:

ESPN (Schlabach): Orange Bowl vs. Florida State

ESPN (Edwards): Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma State

SB Nation: Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma State

Last is Louisville, whom I'd actually projected as the Orange's pick last time around. The Teddy Bridgewater story will be great for TV, and Cards fans will show. But an entire season of the media hammering Louisville's schedule will dull the glow of Louisville's bowl prospects somewhat. Blame the American Athletic Conference, not Louisville.

CBS: Sugar Bowl vs. South Carolina

Sporting News: Orange Bowl vs. Clemson

College Football News: Orange Bowl vs. Florida State
Top Three Other Options: 1) Clemson, 2) Rutgers, 3) Miami 

Why? The Florida State-Clemson winner should be the best team in the ACC, but Miami now looks like a possible player. Louisville might not have enough juice to play for the national championship thanks to its miserable schedule.
Orlando Sentinel: Orange Bowl vs. Florida State