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Louisville-Kentucky Rivalry Rap

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This has been making the rounds over the past 24 hours, and with good reason. It's probably the best Louisville sports-related rap since the 2013 DePaul Day battle rap (pour one).

Well done.

Here are all the lyrics typed out for my mom, only because she's hoping to have them memorized in order to give a similar performance Saturday morning around 11:

Despite some bumps in the road
Kentucky's under new leadership
So BBN is up and running
Since Bob got a ring
They figure Mark's the second coming
Making something out of nothing
Victory is what he's clutching
Flashbacks to '07
Stevie probly still shrugging
But Louisville's like, 'wait, we know a loss isn't coming'
Teddy 'Bridge Over Kentucky Blue Water" is still gunning
In this state, they feel that they the head of the class
The only way to keep it close is if the Cards take they foot off the gas
And then the Kentucky fan smirks
Like, 'you thinkin' we trash'
So Bud Dupree can put your running back's face in the grass
And Ryan Timmons takes a kick to the house
'Cause ain't no race, oh he fast
And on O, you get the air raid
The four downs, the draw plays, they're a thing of the past
Mad the Louisville fan gasp
Like, 'you wanna talk fast after placekick?' 
We on another level
Talking DeLa Cruz, James Quick, but then you got the defense
Before your fast guys get to 'race off'
Preston'll plug the middle, and Calvin'll pry your face off
Be cool, Kentucky fans
Sit back, just know your role
We the muscle in this state
Y'all saw the Sugar Bowl
Kentucky's like, 'yeah we did, and we not the type to hate'
But the sugar from the bowl can make your part of Kentucky a diabetogenic state
We don't care about The Ville
Let 'em know that we respect 'em
But we hope they on a Sugar Bowl high 
So we can insulin inject 'em
Avery Williamson'll check 'em
Calvin Henderson'll wreck 'em
And  Za'darius, ha, you know he's all about the sack
Raymond Sanders runnin' all game long
He tryin' to prove he ain't a halfback
Louisville's like, 'what?'
That's the type of stuff we laugh at
We're dangerous
Your boys won't need a uniform
They'll need a suit for hazmat
Parker on the edge

Dom Brown in the back
Hakeem Smith'll kill the air raid
And Mauldin's getting sacks
It's a landslide victory
For people keeping stats
Kentucky's like, 'ight, keep talkin' 'bout statistics'
We'll have you pessimistic
When you're runnin' up the gut and Mister Cobble goes ballistic
Louisville laughs again
'Kentucky, you're optimistic'
The game is only close if Charlie Strong is altruistic
So Louisville, you're egotistic
Kentucky, you're unrealistic
Just stop
This game will be something that this state can all cherish
Neither side will ever quit
We acquire the mindset of Josh Clemons and Michaelee Harris
Those outside the state won't understand the passion of Cardinal red and those that bleed blue
But when all's said and done
The only thing that matters is that we do
Who you got?