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Vance Bedford Would Like You To Be In Your Seat Before Kickoff


U of L defensive coordinator Vance Bedford was back in front of the media and spoke for about a half an hour on a number of topics on Thursday afternoon.

The always-entertaining Bedford became especially passionate when the topic of fan support was brought up.

"The one thing about our fans that we expect this year is, we want 50,000-plus in those seats when we kick off," Bedford said. "Don't be in the parking lot saying I'm at a party. Get your (butt) in the seat. We want 55,000 people cheering us on, making it tough for our opponent.

"That's what this is all about, because you're all a part of this train. Everybody's on it. Therefore, be in the stadium. Don't be outside. Be here."

He said ass.

You can check out the entire press conference (via the C-J) right here: