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Video: Charlie Strong Announces The Addition Of Michael Dyer And Talks Fall Camp

Andy Lyons

In what was likely his most noteworthy press conference since the end of last season, Charlie Strong met with members of the media on Monday to talk about the addition of former Auburn running back Michael Dyer, as well as the beginning of fall camp.

Here are a few of the money quotes:

--"I believe a worthy goal in life is to make a difference in someone's life who can make a positive impact on others. We have always done, and we will continue to do, things the Cardinal way."

--"After an offseason filled with negative headlines in so many sports, seeing Teddy on ESPN was a breath of fresh air. He is what we want all of our athletes to be."

--"We're finally reaching a level with our attitude where we can go and compete with anyone on any level."

--"With the coaches we have, we feel like we can bring in anyone and be able to manage them."

--"Michael Dyer will sign a behavioral contract. There will be zero tolerance, but I will give him every option to be successful."

And here's the entire presser via Mark Blakenbaker: