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Montrezl Harrell Suffers Minor Knee Injury At Adidas Nations

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville fans held their collective breath on Sunday when Montrezl Harrell Instagrammed a picture of an injured right knee and informed the world that he was headed home early from the adidas Nations camp.

The injury occurred when Harrell, who had been serving as a counselor at the camp, banged knees with a fellow counselor during a game. According to Steve Kyler of USA Today, Trez then underwent an MRI which showed no damage to the knee.


Upon returning to Louisville, Harrell posted the picture above attached with the following caption:

No worries people I'm in the ville I told you I'm going to be fine all I have is a sprain nothing is going to keep me down an out an keep me out the court this year I love this game an I have a family to take care of I'm highly blessed #blessed #grateful #thankful #hardworkbeatstalent #whentalentdoesntworkhard

Rest up, big man.