Official Card Chronicle Bird Mask March Post


Hobbes, thank you for posting this will be happening in just about every thread since Monday. Greatly appreciated. What is it? It is the CCBM March to the March. We all know the Card March is a tradition that will occur 2 hours and 15 minutes before kickoff. What you may not know, is the March before the March may become even bigger.

On Sunday at 1pm, I will be at the Stadium side of the tunnel in my CCBM and a red #35 Anthony Conner Jersey and white game pants. I'll be the ridiculous looking one. I know quite a few of you guys have already agreed to participate in the March to the March. To this, I say welcome and thank you. You men and women are making history. To those of you who have yet to decided, come join me and other CCBM Marchers and support you team, the city’s team, and Digger’s team. Maybe that last part is not true.

Anyway, bring your CCBM for the Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the March to salute and support your 2013 Louisville Cardinals. It should be fun and could really become a thing. See you Sunday by 1, as the Card March starts at 1:15. I will be there around 12:30 for anyone who wants to be overly-punctual. Go CARDS!!! Go CCBMM!