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Danny Sheridan Says Teddy Bridgewater Is The Heisman Trophy Favorite

Chris Graythen

Danny Sheridan, professional handicapper and sports analyst for USA Today, appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show Wednesday afternoon and announced his updated odds to win the Heisman Trophy.

Sheridan's new Heisman favorite? One Theodore Bridgewater.

In what had previously been his most recent odds update back in July, Sheridan named Bridgewater as his Heimsman co-favorite with Alabama running back T.J. Yeldon.

As for the Louisville Cardinals as a team, Sheridan is decidedly less optimistic, joining the seemingly ever-growing crowd of analysts predicting that Cincinnati will take back the Keg of Nails in the regular season finale.

Regardless of how impressive he is through the first three months of the season, it's hard for me to envision a scenario in which Teddy wins the Heisman without Louisville going undefeated. That's especially true in a situation where the most recent image in voters' minds (I know a lot of people vote early, but the majority still don't) is a loss in a game where U of L would have likely been favored.