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Peyton Siva Shines In Professional Debut

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Louisville fans have been telling anyone and everyone willing to listen that Peyton Siva has what it takes to make it in the NBA, now it appears all those other folks are starting to find out for themselves.

Siva was a standout performer in his NBA Summer League debut, dishing out six assists to just one turnover in a 76-67 win over the Brooklyn Nets.

"Everybody's a lot bigger," Siva said. "But also the great thing is everybody is capable of making shots. You're playing with an elite talent (level) of guys. So I think that's great for me, just getting them open shots and getting them the ball."

Siva missed both field goals he attempted, but controlled the game and played with a level of poise that you don't see often in the summer league. He would have finished with five or six more assists had it not been for the offensive ineptitude of some of his teammates.

The folk over at Detroit Bad Boys were impressed enough by Peyton's play to name him the Taco Bell Unsung Hero of the Game, which I can only assume is the city's highest or second-highest honor.

Peyton and the Pistons will be back on the court today at 3 p.m. against the Boston Celtics. The game will be televised on NBATV.