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More Reaction To Quentin Snider's Decommitment

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The reaction to Quentin Snider's decommitment is pretty interesting in that national recruiting folks have labeled it as "expected," while both local media members and the U of L staff have come off as pretty blindsided.

There had been some rumblings around Derby time that Q had been thinking about looking around, but once the summer circuit began those all but disappeared. While Louisville fans thought the Ballard star was solid, Scott Snider, Quentin's father, says that his son has been torn over the past month or so with this decision. The reason behind the unrest and ultimately the decision to decommit, was the number of guards both committed to Louisville and on the current Cardinal roster.

So the major things we've learned in the short period of time since the decommitment are this:

--Snider's decommitment was based on there being "too many guards" at Louisville.

--He personally talked to both Rick Pitino and Kevin Keatts before making his decision public.

--According to Jody Demling, U of L does not plan on actively recruiting Snider anymore.

--Expect the Cardinal staff to go hard after another 2014 point guard, starting with a full-court press on Australian Dante Exum.

Here's more reaction and more of the story:

Kudos on staying classy, y'all.