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Peyton Siva's Future In Detroit Looking Much Brighter

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Despite an extremely impressive performance in the Orlando Summer League, the common thought was that any 2013-14 NBA season for Peyton Siva would have to come via a team other than the one that drafted him.

The Detroit Pistons, who acquired veteran point guard Chauncey Billups earlier this month, had expressed interest in keeping Siva...after the former Cardinal captain spent a year in Europe. Siva's only option for immediate NBA employment had seemed to be denying the Pistons' request and hoping that another team was impressed enough to sign him.

That changed on Tuesday, when Detroit dealt former Kentucky star Brandon Knight and two other players to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for point guard Brandon Jennings. The move leaves the Pistons with two open roster spots, one of which - according to Detroit Free Press writer Vince Ellis - is expected to be taken by Siva.

Keith Langlois, the Pistons writer for, also believes one of the open roster spots could go to Siva.

The move leaves the Pistons with 13 players under contract, including draft picks Caldwell-Pope and second-rounder Tony Mitchell. Peyton Siva, the No. 56 pick, has yet to sign a contract but there's now a roster spot to accommodate him if the two sides agree to move forward.

I expect will know one way or the other relatively soon.