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Michael Dyer Is In The U of L Registrar's Database

Butch Dill

An employee with the University of Louisville's registrar's office confirmed to The Courier-Journal that the university added former Auburn running back Michael Dyer to its system last Thursday.

Though Dyer has neither enrolled or been accepted at U of L, the adding of a prospective student to the database is generally an indication that said student is expected to apply. Dyer has until Aug. 26 to register for classes if he plans to attend U of L during the fall semester.

The topic of Dyer came up indirectly during last week's Governor's Cup Luncheon, when Charlie Strong was asked about his staff's willingness to take on players who have run into trouble elsewhere. Due to NCAA rules, Strong and the staff are not allowed to talk directly about prospective athlete until they are officially enrolled at the school.

Dyer also came up on Monday during Teddy Bridgewater's visit to ESPN. Teddy confirmed to ESPN's Joe Schad that he met Dyer during his visit to U of L two weeks ago, and said that if he chose to become a Cardinal, the team would "take him in and welcome him."

Perhaps the biggest development of the Dyer saga came last week when a Grantland feature on the 2011 BCS Championship Game MVP stated that he had picked a "big, D-I school where he can start playing next month." According to Dyer's mentor, Arkansas Baptist President Fitz Hill, that quote isn't entirely accurate.

"I think that meant to say that he would pick a big D1 school," Hill told the C-J.

It's safe to say that this has officially become the saga of summer 2013. As much as I'd enjoy having something to keep everyone's attention for the next 34 days, it seems like it will be coming to a head before too much longer.